LeeMag Smart Lead System

LeeMAG Smartleads System is designed to deliver at an Optimal Connection Point, for the lowest cost per lead in the market.

What’s an “Optimal Connection Point”?

Imagine focusing on being seen and heard at the most strategic possible moment in time-where we can best motivate a person to contact us. It is a window where we understand lifestyles, media usage, motivators, language barriers, ethnic opportunities and a depth of insight we’ve mined far before we begin advertising.

So, what qualifies a lead as a “SmartLead”?

A SmartLead not only exists at the “Optimal Connection Point,” but is a lead that has a much higher proclivity for contacting us as well as enrolling. They are the sweet spot of your target mix.

How does SmartLeads deliver lower cost per leads?

We leverage research in order to allow every dollar to work three to four times as hard. We’ve created a team of experts who are specialists in research, surveys and media data analysis as well as our SmartLeads Sourcing System which allows for daily analysis of what is and isn’t performing. This data allows us to plan, execute and adjust our efforts within 48 hours to maximize impact and minimize costs. In tandem with our ability to develop stronger creative messages built form researched hot-points, we’ve created a system that is unmatched. To round out our program, we also support the entire effort with retention strategies and work close programmatically with Admissions, Management and even the front desk staff on these programs.

Lee MAG Smart Leads System is a method created to allow our partners (clients) to see where every marketing dollar is utilized and to analyze each medium for success with each campaign. We also execute vital decisions for our partners’ media decisions, in real time. Thus eliminating the important question: “will this campaign work?” Lee MAG considers all our clients (partners) colleagues in an economic environment where every dollar counts. Our client’s goal becomes our reciprocated goal. Together, we achieve success with a true collaboration, friendship and a quality business relationship!


Lee MAG will develop a plan that will be specifically tailored to your company's goals and expectations for success!


Lee MAG will Create an Identity and a Visible Brand; two crucial elements for Marketing success

Social Media

Be the topic everyone is talking about and create the perfect image in everyone’s mind

Web Development

Lee MAG will make your company a dominating force online, cut through the clutter and focus on your target market for premium success


Will guide you through the maze of marketing
to success